Hard wired outdoor sirens.

Does anyone know of a hard wired outdoor siren that will work with the ring system? I have 2 buildings in the back yard and you cain’t hear the siren from the base unit out side of my home. The dome siren’s not ment for outdoor use.

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An outdoor siren is in the feature request thread. I would like one also. But as of today, nothing.


Likewise, I am looking for this solution.

Hey neighbors! We are excited to inform you of our soon to be available Alarm Outdoor Siren. For our US neighbors, you can currently pre-order the Alarm Outdoor Siren here. For our UK neighbors, pre-orders will be available soon as described on the Alarm Outdoor Siren UK webpage. As always, thank you for your feedback and for being the best part of the Ring Community! :slight_smile:

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