Hard wire from ADT TRANSFORMER

I currently have an ADT wireless camera 12 V one amp connected on the eve outside my house. I have no idea where the transformer is in my attic. I’d like to replace it with a ring Spotlight Pro Cam ( I have several already installed). Is there anyway to do that? Is there maybe a transformer that can connect to those exposed wires that I could put to a Ring camera?

Hi @user67403. There are different power options depending on which Ring Security Camera you get. A few Security Cameras are hardwired to high voltage via a junction box, such as the Spotlight Cam Pro Wired and the Floodlight Cam Wired Pro. You can view the installation steps for the Spotlight Cam Pro Wired here, which uses the Hardwired Kit to connect to a junction box on your home.

If you are unfamiliar with handling electrical wiring, or are not sure what type of wiring your home has, we highly urge you to contact a qualified electrician for assistance. We also have battery powered or plug-in Cameras available if you do not wish to utilize high-voltage wiring.

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