Hard wire door bell

Can anyone help I have hard wired my door bell but it is still saying it is on battery power is there a setting I have to change or take the battery out

Hi there, @Damon1! When hardwiring a battery-powered Video Doorbell, the Doorbell will still utilize battery for operation. Connecting your Video Doorbell to existing wiring and power from your home is a great way to provide a trickle charge to your battery and sound your internal chime kit. The Video Doorbell will still operate primarily on battery power, and then use the power from wiring to provide a charge thereafter.

Please allow some time for the trickle charge to start occurring. I also recommend fine tuning your usage of the Video Doorbell to avoid draining the battery quicker than it can be charged. Here is a Hardwiring checklist I use for battery-powered Video Doorbells. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: