Harassment Security Breech

Ring cameras were not catching anything. Upon closer inspection, it was because they were being deactivated or corrupted. Static video, greyed out, no video available - it keeps going. I paid for a security service only for it to tell me I have people in my house but not get any video to help.

The cameras keep going out or the entire base station will be “offline” when I need it to be working. There has been physical and sexual assault and the ring cameras have come up empty or corrupt every time.

Unreliable. We need help. I’ve been calling and asking for managers for over a year. This is not acceptable.
When you are paying for a service, you expect it to work. Ring has been compliant with police in giving footage for crimes in the past, yet now it’s not catching anything.

I keep calling and they have me go through the basic troubleshooting every time just to say it’s being escalated and nothing happens.

Your system is full on tampered with.

Clearly you cannot provide the service, so may I have a full refund, please?

Hi @Ineedhelp.asap. Given you have several concerns with a few different Ring devices, it would likely be best to follow up with our support team. Issues that persist despite routine troubleshooting may need to be escalated for more advanced troubleshooting. If your issue has already been escalated, you will still need to get in touch with our support team to follow up on that particular issue. We don’t have access to any account or support ticket details on the Ring Community.

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