Hands down worst support of any company I have ever dealt with

The cover of my ring doorbell 3 broke. It was within a year so I called the Support Line… twice.

Both times it took forever, they just kept telling me they would send me the link to buy a new one. I kept asking if it was under warranty, which was ignored several times, with answers like it is cheap just to buy a new one. Eventually they checked and confirmed it was under warranty… and then asked if the email address was correct to send the link to buy a new one.

I asked if it was covered under warranty and was told that it was but it would be easier for me just to buy a new one, I said that I would prefer to do it under warranty, and was told yet again that the part was quite cheap. I said that all the same I would prefer the free option.

This conversation was almost identical both times I called, first time I was told they would send me one and confirm by email. Never received anything. Second time the same but this time I got a confirmation email saying the part had been sent but never received it, that was a month ago.

I really can’t be bothered going through this again, so I guess will just concede. Even though it was covered under warranty they clearly were not willing to help.

I really hope none of you have any more expensive parts break or be faulty than just the cover.