Hacked? Packages stolen twice, no video.

Has anyone else had packages stolen that your Ring didn’t record?

Posted in my Amazon review:

I had five packages I was returning to Amazon and used the “UPS Pickup” option.

* I put them out early this morning, RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA.
* Just before lunch, two of them were GONE and NO RECORDING OF IT.
* See photo for the before and after.
* I paid for the “PLUS” monthly service, $30/yr, but today it cost me about $100 in webcam and electronics.
* I had MFA turned on and my password was “ja!tw2J3mQ#d”. (I’ve obviously changed it since)
* My wifi is hidden, uses WPA2 + AES, and a similar password.
* Why do I think it was hacked? Another package was stolen a couple months ago the exact. same. way.

Sorry to hear about this @sjlee001! At Ring, we value both your security and your privacy. For this reason there are numerous security measures and features in place for both your Ring devices and your Ring app. Your Ring app Control Center has a section for Authorized devices where you can ensure your mobile devices are the only ones allowed on your Ring app. If you are concerned about specialized burglars, we advise adding another Ring device such as a camera, mounted in another location. We also have POE options available, such as the Stick Up Cam Elite. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: