Haaalp my 2nd gen doorbell is freaking out

Okay I need help!

I have had my 2nd gen door bell for some time and I never had an issue with it before now.

I had to change my wifi name(done this before with the 2nd gen door bell without any issueS)

I went into the door bell app and followed the guide but I’m constantly meet by the image i attached here.

I have also tried to do a reset of it and if I try to connect to it now (by adding a new device) I get the same screen :frowning:

So fare I have tried two different phones and I even set up a new 2nd router with internet access (you know just in case)

Side note I tried to reset it multiple times to see if it works but it seems like there is an issue with the connection.

I also watched that it doesn’t disconnect me from the ring doorbell 6c wifi when it trying to set it up
I’m really running out of ideas here!

Haaalp! :exploding_head::exploding_head:

Oh and I forgot I am connected to a 2.4 GHz wifi
I also removed it from my account (I figured it might be because it already was connected)

I have tried after writing this post, to walk away from all my devices and only brining my phone and the door bell and trying to connect it on a parking lot and it’s still the same issue (to check and make sure no other er devices is interfere with the wifi signal)

I also tried to uninstall the app, reset the device again, double checked that the door bell does give off a wifi signal and that I’m able to connect to it.

I dont know what else to do

Hi @FourWindBadger. Is your Doorbell entering setup mode? When you were in the parking lot, did you try to connect to a WiFi hotspot? Have you tried setting this device up with a different phone or tablet?