Guest vs Shared user

I want my roommate to be able to arm/disarm the system using a pin on the keypad and the app. I don’t want them to see (via the app) when I come and go. Is this possible?

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You can create a guest user and give her a unique code.

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Right, but as I understand it, guests cannot use the app to arm/disarm. They can only use a pin.

Good question @AppSo. At this time there is not a way to both add a user to the app and limit their access to seeing your activity. The Guest user PIN for Keypad access would be the best feature for this.

Under “Edit User” for Shared Users there is a section called “Device Access” with “Alarm Base Station” under it. If I uncheck that before arming/disarming I wonder if that user won’t get the notification. The documentation has no explanation on how this works as far as I can see.

You are correct @AppSo , there is a way to toggle off the Alarm access under the “edit users” section. This would prevent any notifications from going to the shared user once toggled and saved, however, this will not remove the user’s access to the history of Alarm events. Keep in mind doing this would also require you to recreate/ re-enter a shared user PIN each time you toggle it back on.

When I try to uncheck that option and hit save it says the user will be deleted. There is also a separate delete user button. Doesn’t really make sense.

If the only thing on your Application is the Alarm, then yes, removing the sole device from the shared user’s access would be the same as removing the user. To clarify, the aformentioned work around only works when there are multiple devices on the account being shared with the user.

No matter which scenario matches best, the Alarm history will still be accessible by the shared user as stated prior. We will certainly share your feature request with the team.

Okay. Thanks