Ground floor with a lot of windows - motion detectors

Quiet area, trying to avoid false triggers by all costs. Installed magnetic detectors on all 3 doors, but before installing motion detectors - wanted to check first.
Full ground area is approx 70m2 large ground to top windows taking one full side., and 2 glass doors on the other side.
Am I free to assume that motion detectors are not for me?
Shall I just secure the doors and put cameras?
Many thanks!

Hi Leonidas,

Hi there…my experience with Ring and other motion detectors is that while they can be useful, false alarms can occur from sudden light flashes from headlights, lightning and thunder claps. Rustling curtains and sometimes even air pressure changes can trigger an alarm.

Another thought would be to add a Ring stick up camera. They are less prone to false triggering and can be integrated into the Ring network and Base Station to initiate an alarm and internal siren for devices that have sirens. Plus you then get video of the area and any activity. You can vary the coverage by adding an optional stick up cam pan adapter as well.

I don’t believe Ring makes an electric eye or matrix sensor which might be more appropriate for your application.

You could consider glass break sensors since door sensors won’t trigger if the glass only is breached.