GROTHE GT 50811 chime bypass for Ring video doorbell wired

This chime has more wires than I expected and got me confused. Which 2 wires should I need connected to bypass the chime to be able to use the ring wired doorbell?

Did you get this sorted? I’ve just opened my chime and it’s the same as yours with more wires than the Ring guide gives instructions for.

Hi neighbors! The terminals on your chime should be labeled, indicating which one goes to the transformer and which one goes to the front and back door. You’ll need to locate the wires for the transformer and the front door and ensure they’re wired according to the diagram you can find in our Help Center Article here. If you aren’t comfortable handling the extra wiring, you may want to consult a qualified electrician to ensure your Doorbell is safely installed. :slight_smile:

Hi there i have the same door bell what was the solution in the end?

Hi theres i just want to know where would the jumper cable go in the chime i mean 0,1 or 2?