Grinch greeting is gone

I had the grinch greeting selected for a couple days and now I see it was removed for standard “Winter Holidays”. Will it be coming back?

Hi @Matt_S. Seasonal and holiday alerts will be made available around that holiday or season, so make sure to keep your Ring app updated. We don’t have an exact date or ETA on when specific holiday or seasonal tones are going to be made available each year. Thank you!

Agreed. User in Canada. Grinch quick responses are not showing up as an option at all. I get the ad on the dashboard, but when I click on it there’s still no grinch option in quick responses. I called customer support and the lady had no idea what was even going on. Very disappointing that I have to explain to the customer service agent how to use their own devices…. She changed the topic multiple times because she didn’t know how to respond and suggested that the grinch option would display on my chime for people at my door… no idea what she was talking about because she had 0 product knowledge. Super frustrating. Fix it.

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