Green two way talk icon missing

Hi, i appreciate Ring has had outrage issues this evening but eventually ive managed to login but noticed the green two way talk icon is missing on the screen. Any ideas please as guess unable to talk to anyone approaching cameras?

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Mine is missing also from my ring doorbell and ring security camera. Can’t speak to anyone if they ring the doorbell.

My green phone icon has disappeared from my ring door bell and my ring security camera. Does anyone know why this is, can’t speak to anyone on live view or answer if anyone rings the door bell. Thanking you

Hi, do you know what we can do to retrieve the green two way talk icon. Very inconvenient if someone rings the doorbell and you’re not at home.

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Hi Neighbors. What device is missing the Green two-way talk button? What version of the Ring app is installed on your device? Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing? Thanks, neighbors.

Mine has also gone missing from my phone app.

See attached photo usually a green call button is on there. How do I get it back.

Hi @user53158. Thanks for sharing the screenshot. I can confirm that this is the result of a Ring app update. To talk to your visitor, just tap the Microphone Icon. To mute, tap the Icon again. Give it a try and let me know how this goes for you!

Please put the green button back as it was much easier to see and understand. The white mic button is a bad “update”.

Why don’t your devs use beta-testers before releasing fairly significant changes that users never asked for and don’t actually want?

Please bring the green button back, removing it is an idiotic choice. Probably made by a new product manager with no sense of UI design. No sensible UI designer would design the current layout, outside in sunny weather you cannot see if the microphone and speaker button is crossed. Please bring back the green button! Or maybe Ring has chosen to annoy the customer, when this is the case: leave it as it is.

Mine has disappeared, what’s the point in paying for ring doorbell when you can’t even use it to answer the call, when advertised on TV it shows the Green button so false advertisement

Hi nieghbors. As you can see in the image shared below, there is a picture of the microphone. By default, the microphone is muted, hence the / going through it. You can intuitively tap the microphone to unmute it and tap it again to mute it. To end the Live View session, press the RED button.

Whilst i appreciate this is the solution - it’s a ridiculous step backwards.

I have just tried to talk to a delivery person at my home and my green icon has gone too. This, I agree is totally ridiculous. The green icon and red icon is clear and easy to use for a non techie like myself. I have missed my delivery now as couldn’t speak to the guy. Not happy!! Bring back the Green Icon!!!

Hi @user64461. You can reference this post here:

This is a very very bad update. As we now keep disconnecting the doorbell accidentally. I cannot believe this is of any advantage to anyone. Please please bring back the green answer button. The update to remove it makes no sense to me at all.

Hi @Mark_T. The only difference from the Green button to the new Microphone button is the color. They are the same size, same location and have the same functionality.

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