Green Screen & Pixelation

When accessing Live View on my Ring Door Bell (2nd Gen) via the ring website the initial response is a green screen and then bad pixelation during motion on the website. However, accessing via my iPhone App or my iPad app, I do not have these issues. As per community advice I have reset the device and re-added it to my ring account and when accessing via the website, the issue replicates itself of pixelation & green screen. Tried live chat, they suggested I call support, this I did and the support agent (whose first language was not english) could not understand a word I was saying and after repeating myself 3 times I had to terminate the call. This leaves me lost as to the issue viewing via the website is having a problem, but the app, not. Any help appreciated. PS: Signal RSS is green 48 so not a connection issue

Same issues here - very poor video performance via the website yet absolutely fine via the android mobile app even when connected to the exact same router and internet connection.
I find the website video streams totally unusable - most of the time they just stop streaming and give a static image after a few seconds and the times that they do try to stream its so stuttery and blocky that you would struggle to make out whats going on. Not much use as a security device really!

Hi neighbors. Thank you for sharing this information and trying those troubleshooting steps to help resolve your concern. The next best step is to contact our support team to further investigate this concern. They will have access to the necessary information needed to help look into this. You can also reach out to our support team on social media if you do want to call in. You can send a PM to @Ring on Facebook or Twitter (X).