Grainy video quality

The past couple days, the video quality on my Ring wireless doorbell has been super pixelated/grainy and I can’t seem to figure out how to fix it. It didn’t start doing this until I decided to clear the cache for the Ring app because it was taking forever to load the live feed. I’ve literally tried everything Ring suggests, but I swear it’s not my wifi! I have no idea what to do and I want my nice high quality video back, especially when it comes to the live feed!

Hi @ienjoyanime. Would you mind sharing a screenshot or video example of this poor video quality that you’re experiencing with your Doorbell? I’d be happy to take a look and see what you’re seeing in order to provide troubleshooting assistance. Additionally, I would recommend looking at the RSSI for your Doorbell on the Device Health page, as this will indicate the strength of the wifi connection your Doorbell is receiving.