GPS with Peephole cam inside apartment complex and no signal

I’m want to get a Peephole cam for my mom in her apartment complex. Her door is inside the building complex (inside hallway), so when I go to set it up, the app will ask to get a GPS signal on her phone, which there will be no signal with multiple floors above her. How would I get past the issue of not having a GPS signal?

Hi there, @RustyJones! When installing the Ring app there will be a number of permissions in which the app will need to access for optimal performance and integration with the mobile device. The Ring app is likely asking about gps and locations permissions to be accepted/ enabled. Even though signal is not the best in that location, it’s best to try the setup with that feature enabled. Once you get to the location step of the setup, the address can be manually entered in the case that gps does not work to automatically find the location. If the setup is not completing due to this, try performing the setup on another mobile device entirely, to see if it might work better that way. Alternatively, if the unit has a window, this may be your best bet at retrieving mobile device signal. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

FYI: I was able to get the doorbell to work. I think either the last know GPS location on the phone, or the phone being near the window getting a signal in the apartment, and the WIFI being close enough to access the doorbell at the same time was enough to get it to work when I ran the setup. Thanks.

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