Got Blocked by Ring

Recently I’ve replaced my phone, tried many times to get the ring app to work received an email from ring I’m being blocked on my new phone? why? it’s still my phone with same info, same numbers, same network, even used new double security method with verification code and still I’m blocked from viewing my ringpro doorbell! I don’t want to reset and wipe my current setup, vids, etc… It should recognize I’m on my own phone number, home network, same email, and security verification code, etc… etc… Still no access? so what’s the point with double security if i’m still not able to access my own device even having all required security pass? very annoyed!

Your account is not tied to any device. You just need to sign in to any device and it should work. Call customer support. They should be able to get this fixed quickly.

I did follow the steps in signing in layed out by Ring on my new phone, that’s when I got blocked…

Customer service can help with this. They can see your account.