Google WiFi and Ring

What’s the official word on Ring Doorbell and Floodcam live views working with Google Wifi mesh? Does Ring not support Google Wifi?

I have a Google WiFi Mesh now and no matter what I try, live view from the App is not working. This was a system which was working just fine until I added the Google WiFi nodes. I see conflicting information on this - some has it working, some doesn’t. I rely heavily on live view, so if there’s a way to get this working, please let me know. Thanks!

Hi @074d0f9f24b0c2fad0d9. I used the search feature here in the Ring Community and found a similar situation. Here is the post I’m referencing. Try joining the conversation with these neighbors to find out how they were able to solve this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Google WiFi mesh or Google Nest WiFi mesh? I have google nest WiFi mesh network and do not have any of the problems your experiencing.

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