Google home talk to Nest.

Well despite the store Ring display clearly showing works with Google home i now find myself feeling ripped off as it will not work wth Google home device.

Ring is not in the list of devices to add in the Google home settings, I have linked it to my Hive heating no problem so notheing wrong with the Google home itself or my navigation of the settings.

Looks like Ring are playing silly games with there competitors as i believe Ring has a affiliation with another home device.


Not good! May well be illegal!

I have Nest cam at another property and it works far better, is faster to connect and view live stream, no delay with prepairing file, smoother and less glitchy app. Think the Ring spotlight cam will be getting swapped for another Nest cam!

I hope i’m missing somthing so would love to stand corrected, however ive just had a live chat with the Ring online support team who just want me to buy the other home device!

Any one else having this issue? Or can tell me what I’m missing before i go rant allover social media?

Most likely the store is still using old advertising that should have been removed.
I haven’t seen that in a long time here in the US.
Amazon now owns Ring. Google now owns Nest. So once again like the YouTube not being allowed on Amazon devices. And Amazon video not being allowed to use Chromecast. This falls into the same mess. At one time it did work with Google. But that has changed.
Now the better news. The YouTube and Chromecast fight has been resolved. Supposedly the work with Google home is being looked into as per Jennifer from Ring in this recent post here.

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Thank you for your reply, that is interesting! Shame Ring can’t be bothered to reply! I also asked the retailer if that was the current point of sale display, and it is. That’s not good when Currys PC world is one of the biggest retailers in the UK, I will be contacting UK trading standards as i feel this is false advertising and therefore ilegal here in the UK.

Thanks again