Going to make motion sensors work in a certain way

Yello guys.

My first post here. So be gentle.

I’d like to have 2 motion sensors configured in a certain way. Let me explain a little:
I want one to be a “all-round”-sensor. It covers almost every meter in my room. (I have that set up already)

But I want that second one to be like a “line-crossing” sensor (Triggers the alarm instantly). But sadly, that is not working that way. I read somewhere in these forums here that when the entry delay is on, the MOTION sensors are not working at all (kind of). Is that correct? And I found out also that those CONTACT sensors work just the way I want those MOTION sensors to work (Even when the entry delay is on, it triggers the alarm instantly when those are triggered)

I was told by support chat that I need another MOTION sensor to get this option (for that “line-crossing”-thingy). So I ordered online and now Im kinda mad also because of money spent for nothing…

So please Ring, put your stuff together and get that option to work somehow or do not tell me to buy something and say it works only that way (and it does NOT).

And community, do you have any options for me?

Thank you for reading this. Hope you got the idea. English is not my native, Im a Finn.

Hi @MrNomez. Whether or not the Entry Delay triggers is based on the Placement setting, found under the Device Settings tile when viewing a Contact Sensor or Motion Detector. For a Motion Detector, the options are Entryway and Room. When a Motion Detector is set to Entryway, it will trigger the Entry Delay, whereas a Room Motion Detector will trigger the Alarm immediately instead of the Entry Delay. I hope this helps clear things up better.

I am aware of that option. But you may dont understand me 100% what Im looking for.

So, I try to explain that in a different way.
Those motion sensors are NOT working (to make siren go nuts) when the my “front door” contact sensor causes the entry delay.

It is irrelevant which option I select for MOTION sensors.

I have tried it. For both of those MOTION sensors. Both have “Room mode” selected.

I try to explain what happens with my setup:

  1. My setup is armed
  2. I enter the room
  3. Entry delay starts to count down (because of front door CONTACT sensor)
  4. I walk across the room when count down is still active
  5. I walk past those 2 MOTION sensors (set to room mode)
  6. Nothing happens until timer runs down and siren will blast because of that


If I open another door (door with CONTACT sensor) within that entry delay, siren will sound instantly!

So those MOTION sensors are NOT working as they were promised (to me personally via chat).

Is this more clear or do I have to explain something more, different or specific info?

@MrNomez This is because the Motion Detectors cover the interior of a home, while the Contact Sensors cover the exterior. Motion Detectors are configured to follow the Entry Delay in an effort to reduce false alarms, as it is expected they may detect motion when someone arrives home and goes to disarm their system. Since Contact Sensors cover the exterior of a home (doors and windows), they will trigger the alarm immediately, even during the Entry Delay, if they are set as a Secondary Door or Window.

We’re always working to improve our devices and the experience offered by the Ring app, so feel free to add your idea for more configuration options on the Motion Detectors to our Feature Request board. Other neighbors can comment and add their interest as well. We use the Feature Request board as a way to gather and share feedback with our teams here.

@Boone Maybe you can help me achieve this? I need that “line crossing” detection feature. I have read few of your messages here and I think (because of those messages) you may be able to have a solution. Please help me!

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