Go full solar

Thank you for the emails telling me “It’s Time to Recharge Your Video Doorbell Battery” that include the suggestion to “Go full solar” and “Enjoy a continuous charge from just a few hours of sunlight with Ring Solar Charger.”
Yeah, we did that by purchasing a solar charger for each of our video doorbells. Now we only have to charge our units once every 10 to 14 days instead of once every 5 to 7 days. We still do not “Enjoy a continuous charge”. That’s after I throttled back the settings to save power.
It’s a little disappointing.

Another thing that’s disappointing is that we have had 2 instances where we had something happen and needed to see video after that fact. Both times we had video from the time period we needed, but the video stopped a few seconds before the event that we needed to see even when there was continuous activity and the cameras should have been recording.

It this point, all they are really useful for is as a doorbell. One thing that would actually make them useful as a doorbell would be if you could have a different sound for each doorbell on the Chime instead of having to guess which one was pressed.