Global snooze icon is missing

Hi, I have Two RIng model 4 door bell video cameras, and a Chime Pro.
Can someone advise me where the Global Snooze moon icon has gone , as I dont have one like I can see in the support pages. I can access the Chime snooze for either doorbell camera, but surely there should be a Global one to ???

I really need to be able to put all 3 of my apple devices in chime “snooze” , and the chime pro, when moving about the house inside and out. Otherwise its a right pain.

fyi… I am the ‘owner’, and currently have one shared user.
Latest Apple App on 3 apple devices , and latest firmware.

Can anyone advise please ?

Hi @user37472. If you have multiple Ring Doorbells or Cameras the Global Snooze Icon should be on your dashboard on the top right side, as pictured in this Help Center article. Are you able to take a snapshot of what your dashboard looks like?

Its ok , Ive solved it.
I have 2 geographical locations on my dashboard (2 cameras in each) . The global snooze icon is only available if I have one location showing. It now works. thanks for reply. please close ticket.

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