Global snooze function in iOS app erratic

Lately I’m noticing that the global snooze option in the iOS app isn’t working all the time. For example, I will set it to snooze all the cameras for 8 hours and it will work initially. However, maybe an hour or two into it, I start getting push notifications for motion on them. I confirmed that the setting is still turned on and I see the little moon icons on all the camera thumbnails on the dashboard. Tech support hasn’t been helpful. They suggested uninstalling and reinstalling the app but that didn’t help either. This problem only started in the last week or so. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Hi @Mark_CT. Do you have any Motion Schedules in place that might be interfering with the Global Snooze? You can check this under Motion Settings > Advanced Settings > Motion Schedules. When you notice you start getting notifications again, have you changed the Modes on your Cameras at all?

My motion schedules are overnight, not during the day when I typically snooze. To be clear, none of my settings have changed and it had been working flawlessly for many months. It is only recently, likely after the latest app update, that it has been acting erratically. I’m still waiting for a call back or email from the escalations teams that I was promised yesterday after spending an hour on the phone with another rep.

Over the last couple weeks, the Global Snooze is not working reliably. Many times I have it in snooze and I get alerts. I’ve spent multiple hours on the phone with support and have sent them countless screenshots per their request but still no resolution.

@Mark_CT Since you are already working with our support team, it would be best if you follow up with them regarding the current status. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we can’t access account or device details, and we can’t see any information from when you’ve spoken with support.

Thanks but I was hoping to hear if others in the community have the same problem and might have a workaround or solution since the phone support team haven’t shared any updates in a while.

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