Glitch picture displayed 30 minutes before my arrival

I wanted to bring to your attention an unusual incident that occurred with my Ring camera recently. Approximately 30 minutes before I arrived home, the camera captured a picture of me in the same outfit I was wearing upon my arrival. The strange part is that everything in the photo seemed identical to the moment I actually reached home.

This has left me puzzled and a bit concerned about the accuracy of the timestamp or if there’s a glitch in the system. I would appreciate it if you could look into this matter and provide some insight or assistance in understanding what might have happened.

Hi @user34075. In the Community we can only offer basic troubleshooting steps for certain concerns. If something needs to be looked into further, it would require having access to account information, which we do not have access to here in the Community. I would recommend reaching out to our support team to further investigate this with you. Give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here