Glitch in camera.

My bicycle was stolen in a 6 second window according to my recording. There’s no footage of the theft. The bike was directly in front of the camera. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t have caught the person doing it.

Hi @rcatala27. I’m sorry to hear what happened with your bike, but I’d be happy to take a look and see if I can offer any helpful suggestions to optimize the motion detection on your Ring. Which model of Doorbell do you have? Additionally, can you please share a screenshot of your Motion Zones, motion sensitivity slider, and Motion Frequency settings? These will all be in the Ring App under the device profile page.

Literally the only 6 seconds that I needed to possibly catch the thief and this piece of trash camera didn’t catch it. You have got to be kidding me. How is this possible? Hours of useless footage only to not record the most important thing. Absolutely ridiculous! Here’s your pictures.

@rcatala27 Thank you for sharing those screenshots here. I would recommend sliding the motion sensitivity slider up a bit more to increase your Doorbell’s sensitivity. Additionally, what is your Motion Frequency set at? Typically it is set at Standard by default, but setting it to Frequent will ensure that all motion is captured. You can learn more about Motion Frequency and how to adjust it in our Help Center Article here.

Ring’s Motion Frequency algorithm is an internal program that runs inside of your Ring device. It analyzes the traffic patterns of detected motions, looking for repetitive patterns. When it detects such a pattern, it essentially “sleeps” your device for a certain period of time, cutting down the number of motion alerts you’ll get from the same set of stimuli. In this case, swapping the Motion Frequency setting over to Frequent will ensure that nothing is missed. I hope this helps clear things up.

Same thing here. A package from ups was delivered to my house and taken off my porch and the camera glitched at the exact time it was taken all I got was a shot from the man far away walking down alley and then it glitched, package was gone, and man disappeared. Useless hours of recorded nonsense then it doesn’t catch the thief! I’m furious