Glass is cracking


Is there a way to replace the glass on a Ring Video Doorbell Pro? I’ve got some cracking developing here and I don’t have any reason to believe it won’t continue.

I’m probably well out of warranty (purchased May 2018), but I’m thinking for a $250 device that’s supposed to be outside, this shouldn’t be happening this soon.

And I just noticed the button is cracking too. Really?

After trolling the forums for a while after I posted this, I noticed that some others had good experiences if:

  1. They called ring and mentioned their defective device
  2. They had a Ring Protect Plus plan

Well, I have both a defective device and a Ring Protect Plus plan. So I called them and said “I have a Ring Protect Pro plan and I have a defective device, can I please get a replacement”.

After a while on hold they said that my device is so far out of warranty they could only offer me a 35% discount on a new one, or…if I would hold a little while longer, they would “try” to get me a replacement device. So I held some more. They came back and said “great news” I’m approved for a one time replacement Ring Video Doorbell Pro. They pitched it like they were doing me a favor. Kinda funny.

Anyway, hope this helps someone else. I guess we’ll see if they’ve fixed the problems with the glass and the button in a couple of years of normal use. I hope to not see y’all back here with the same complaint in 2022.

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Thank you for sharing your experience with the Community, @FantasticCheeseburge! We’re happy to hear our support team was able to assist.

Here is our warranty page, in case other neighbors want to review this information. As @FantasticCheeseburge mentioned, a Ring Protect Plus Plan can help! This subscription can extend the coverage for your devices if it is subscribed within the original warranty period. Check out our Protect Plus Plan page to learn more. :slight_smile:

Don’t take a victory lap just yet. Bottom line is, these devcices shouldn’t be failing after two years of normal use. They are very expensive and should not be failing. Not a good look.

Spot on! They say I have to buy a new one because mine is cracking at a little over 2 years. This should not be cracking at all under normal use. I certainly will not buy another ring product. They are sneaky as it is when it comes to the marketing and sales advertisements when I purchased it. Not one word in the ads about a subscription plan. Garbage