Glass Break Sensors

How do I enable Echo Guard mode when Ring is in the Armed Stay mode?

It can only be set when in the away mode. It can’t be enabled in the home mode.

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I had a glass break sensor when I was with SimpliSafe and it works.

I had set the alarm one night and went to get a glass of water- accidentally dropped the glass.

Even though the sensor was in the living room facing the big glass windows, the alarm went off. Note that I’ve had Zero false glass-break alarms.

Come on Ring - Offer it!


I too had a glass break sensor when I had Frontpoint (whom I left to go with Ring). It worked great and complimented the motions and contact sensors.

Having recently learned Alexa Guard does not even arm in Home mode (Away only) only further sells the need for a dedicated and ‘real’ glass break sensor. I think I speak for the many when I say we don’t want a microphone in our home to satisfy a component of our alarm system which should be intrinsic to the alarm in the first place. Alexa Guard, at best, is a joke.

We want a dedicated glass break sensor that can be armed in both Home and Away modes. We want it to offer the same functionality and options as a Ring contact or motion sensor.

**Ring, you stand to make a great profit if you release a glass break sensor. ** Between both purchases made by people like myself who already own the Ring alarm, and by potentially a whole new customer base that has yet to pull the trigger on your alarm system because you don’t currently offer one.

This is truly win-win for everyone if you release one.


It’s kind of a joke that they don’t already offer glass break sensors. It’s not like we are asking them to devote resources to developing some new technology. Glass break sensors exists, and have existed for some time. They should just certify a third party component if they are unwilling to release one themselves.

Absolutely ridiculous.

Can we get Ring to weigh in on this? Are you, or are you not planning on offering glass break sensors?


@Jennifer_Ring Community Manager

Hi Jennifer/Ring - Would it be possible to have Ring weigh in on this thread with some more specific information related to the numerous requests for a dedicated (not Alexa) glassbreak sensor. Like many others, I am puzzled as to why this is not already covered as it seems like it would be fairly straightforward. I suspect that someone from corporate is bucking for a promotion. Probably Hanrahan.


This is insane I was hoping for a glass break sensor some time soon and no chance! That’s crazy oh well ring seems to have stop caring.


Well you can get an Amazon Dot for $25 and that has a glass break skill that integrates with Ring, HOWEVER, that will only work in “Away” mode, which is useless. You can use the motion detector in away mode. I wanted the glass break sensor for Home mode so if we are sleeping upstairs, the sensor will alert if someone breaks the window downstairs.

I have a solution though- although not ideal. You can install a motion detector outside with limited range and set that in “Home” mode.

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Did Ring respond that they’re not going to add glass break sensors, as I haven’t seen that response. Or, are you reacting to no response from ring on the request for them to answer whether they intend to offer glass break sensors?


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Ring hasn’t said yes or no. They’re looking into it is about all that’s known.

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I got the alarm kit for Christmas. My wife did not realize it did not come with a camera. I will buy one. BUT, the fact that RING does not have a glass breakage sensor is astonishing. For those of you who do not know how the sensor functions, they detect the frequency or shock waves associated with glass shattering. It is not designed to listen for voice, like the Amazon and Google spy devices. This makes this type of sensor singularly important in any type of building. One of these cheap devices, centerally located, can cover the whole house.

This should be one of those “of course we will” replys from RING. I really love the way the RING functions, but this may end up being a COSTCO return…


Yeah, lack of glass breakage sensor is a real gap (and they would seel a ton of them!)

Also, be aware that the Ring cameras really don’t work with the alarm yet. You can link the camera to the alarm but all that does is turn on the cameras for 30 seconds when the alarm is tripped. The alarm doesn’t use the siren in the cameras, and they are currently not hooked up to the disarm/away/home modes.


Thanks. I’m returning the Ring system I bought at Costco to replace the system Spectrum is not supporting after 2/5. The lack of glass break detection is a deal breaker for me. I’d have to buy an unbelievable number of contact sensors to make up for the lack of glass break sensors. The camera thing is also an issue.


So I ended up installing a motion detector to compliment my cameras outside the from and rear entries to the house. This way, the alarm will instantly activate if someone tries to enter at night. So far, no squirrels or other night critters have set it off.

If Ring offered two functions it would make life SO MUCH EASIER!

  1. Anytime Glass break sensors!
  2. Camera motion detectors that could trigger the alarm!

The price of a basic echo dot is on par with most wireless glass breaks (even cheaper).

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As I understand it, the echo dot will not trigger an alarm in the event it detects glass breaking. Additionally, I don’t believe it can be set to listen while you are in home mode. And even it if could do both of these things, I’m not super keen on putting an always on microphone in my home just to get a glass break sensor.


Completely agree dec0y!


Just wanted to chime in here in case anyone from Amazon/Ring is listening. I was all set to buy an extensive Ring security system to replace my current alarm, but after reading some of the threads here, I will be holding off primarily due to the lack of a proper glass breakage sensor that can automatically trigger the alarm. Having Alexa send a notification to my phone so I can manually trigger the alarm is not helpful – if I’m at work in a meeting, I may not see the notification for an hour or more, by which time the burglar will be long gone along with my stuff.

I am hoping Ring will address this significant gap in their otherwise-good system in the near future, but given that people have been requesting a proper glass breakage sensor on these forums for years to no avail, I’m guessing I will need to go with a SimpliSafe system instead. :frowning:


Has anyone simply connected a ZWave glass break sensor to the system to see if it recognizes it? I don’t have a need for glass break sensor to test myself, but ZWave ones are commonly available and one of the promises/purposes of ZWave that it’s not vendor specific.


The reviews are mixed. It says it will connect to the Ring system, however some are saying it doesn’t detect a glass break(?). However, I did read 1 review where there is a seller selling knock off so I wonder if the ones that aren’t working are the knock-offs. There is a sticker that says TX ID on it. If that is missing, it is not legit. Fox Trading Company on Amazon is listed in a review as having a legit one.