Glass Break Sensors

Please add glass break sensors to your suite of certified sensors.


While only slightly related to your request, I beleive the Amazon Echos work as a glass break sensor. This functionality gets linked to Ring via the Alexa app Ring skill. This Echo functionallity gets automatically enabled with the Ring Alarm is set to Away mode.

Having never broken glass, I am not sure how the detection of a broken glass event manifests itself (does it trigger a Ring alarm to Central Monitoring or merely generate an alert through the Ring or Alexa app).


Hi @jeffsooy ! @BigFan is correct, you are able to use Alexa Guard to detect broken glass and more! Learn more by visiting our Help Center, here. We will also share this request for the team :slight_smile: Please don’t heistate to reach out with any other questions or concerns!

To answer your question, @BigFan , if you chose to send the alert to the Ring app, you have access to all of the standard functions of the Ring App.


so you want us to have alexa in our houses? I dont want to have a third party device ! especially Alexa! just make a sensor


“We will also share this request for the team”

It seems Ring Support responded in the affirmative. The comment I made reagrding the use of Amazon Echos was intended to be supplemental information, not a replacement of the original requested.


They shouldve intriduced the glass break sensor on day one! thats all I am saying.


I would switch my entire home and business alarm systems over to Ring right now if you provided glass break sensors. I’m not going to purchase Alexa and additional Echo’s to cover my house and business. I can’t use motion sensore because of having dogs. There are many glass break sensors on the market, Ring needs to partner with one of them and their alarm system business would increase 10x. It sounds like Alexa is the only partner benefiting from that partnership. Please add a glass break sensor!!!


Thank you for sharing the requests for glass break with your development team. While I’ve no issue having Alexa listen for glass breakage while I’m not home, that feature relies on my getting a notification, then sending to Ring. If I’m in a meeting and can’t be disturbed, I’d feel better knowing that the authorities had been summoned. I also don’t have Amazon Echo devices in some of the areas of my home that would be most prone to glass breakage. There are dozens of devices available for other professionally monitored systems, and now that Ring is becoming a real contender in this arena, I hope your team understands the importance, and can differentiate between the functionality of motion and glass break. I’ve always considered motion as a second line of defense, after an intruder is already in your home. Glass break detectors are perimeter (first line) defense mechanisms, since they should make the intruder reconsider coming any further if the system immediately goes into alarm.

Your folks have come a long way in a short time period, and despite some disparaging comments from a select few in the community, I hope you realize there are far more of us who ask for features only because their inclusion would make Ring Alarm even better!


Hi, I just wanted to reply to show my interest in a dedicated glass break sensor as well.

I plan on purchasing the Ring alarm in a few weeks as soon as my Frontpoint contract ends, and have several other Ring devices. I’m so far very happy with all experiences with Ring.

I have zero interest in any Alexa/microphone device, and would never entertain the notion of purchasing an Echo just for purposes of a glass break sensor. I WOULD however purchase a dedicated glass break sensor from Ring the very moment they offer one.

The absence of a glass break sensor would be the only feature from Frontpoint I’d miss. Ring, please release one, or partner with someone that does so a dedicated glass break could be added to the alarm.


+1 for those who want glass break sensors.


The lack of glass break sensors is the only thing holding me up from purchasing the alarm system. If they added the glass break sensor I’d buy the alarm system and 8-10 of the glass break sensors. I don’t want an Amazon Alexas or Echos as a subsitute to provide the basic function that an alarm system should provide.

I have an 80lb dog that has free roam of the house when I’m not home, so motion sensors are out of the question. I also have crank-out style windows instead of slidding windows, so window sensors are are useless for me as well. Glass break sensors are the only real option I have, and no thanks on the Alexa or the Echo. I hope they are actually going to come out with a glass break sensor, but it seems like more effort is being put into pushing Alexas & Echos rather than just making the sensor.


I too am waiting… I already have Ring in my house, my daughter has Ring in her house and I would like to change to Ring at my business. I’ll need 15 contacts, 5 or 6 motion, and about 20 glass sensors (yes, lots of windows!) and that’s just for one of the buildings!! Sad, but until glass sensors are available from Ring I must continue truly professional monitoring from a company that has that simple feature.

Let’s go Ring, get with it!!


+1 we need a glass break sensor


The lack of a glass break sensor is the only thing preventing me from switching to the Ring alarm.


If you want to encourage Ring to release glass break sensors, please give “kudos” to the person that made the original post along with anyone else in the comment thread that also agrees and makes the same request. Ring has stated that the more likes/kudos a post/comment/request gets, the more it is considered by Ring.

Here are other links where people have requested glass break sensors. Please give likes/kudos to the people that made the original posts along with similar comments in these links too to make Ring more aware that we all want this sensor.

Also be sure to look through the Alarm Feature Request page and give likes/kudos to anyone that makes the request for glass break sensors, and be sure to mention it yourself too, if you haven’t already. Give likes/kudos to everyone that has mentioned it.


+1 for a glass break sensor! I currently use Echo’s… but they don’t set off the alarm if it hears something. I’m only using them as a stop-gap measure until I can get real glass break sensors.


I agree! I have cats and dogs so I don’t want the motion detectors. I love my Ring cameras so the only thing keeping me from getting the alarm system is the lack of glass break sensors.


@Ring at a minimum, can we at least get an estimate of when the glass break sensors will be released, or let us know if Ring has decided against releaseing glass break sensors?

I’ve been holding off on purchasing the alarm system until it has glass break sensors. There are competing DIY alarm companies that do offer glass break sensors. I’d like to stick with Ring because I like Ring’s outdoor cameras, but if you never come out with a glass break sensor than I’ll have to go with someone that does offer them.

I’ve been willing to wait a reasonable amount of time, but that amount of time is running short; it’s been over a year.


i know

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+1 in the market to change companies and this swayed my decision to go with another company that does have glass break sensor