Glass Break Sensors Coming?

They have been saying they’re coming out with one for a year and a half now. Still nothing.


Wow. I just purchased my Ring alarm about a week ago. I was aware there was no glass break sensor option available, but had confidence the motion sensors would do their job. My previous alarm had motion sensors and never went off because of my pets (although the cat did manage to set off the glass break sensor by knocking a pan off the dish rack - don’t ask) So not having Glass break protection was OK at the time. On the 4th night, at 1:09AM - the Alarm goes off. Now, I’m thinking, half sleep - ’ someone broke in!’ :mansurprised: I was still in " trial" mode, so I knew the cops were not coming - so I investigated, and saw that it was the basement motion sensor that tripped. I had Alexa turn on ALL the lights and made a LOT of noise as I headed down the stairs to the basement. I get down there, look around and low and behold, there was my cat - wrestling with the floor mat (he does that) and caused the motion sensor to go off. I planned to get two dogs in the near future, but - If my cat can set this off, there is no way I can rely on motion sensors. Ring recommends blocking your animals from the area the sensors are located - well that involves locking my cat in a room, and cats only laugh at gates and barriers to keep them out of areas. I do feel a little vulnerable knowing my sensors are off at night. I purchased the 14 piece kit that came with 2 of them. Oh, and “Guard” only is armed in AWAY mode - which is really when you want your motion sensors active - but, I can’t do that! So, what am I to do? I see three options: put my cat up for adoption (nope). lock my cat up with his litter box in a room (every night???). Keep my now useless motion detectors off and pray a burgular notices my " Protected by RING audio/Video Surveillance" stickers on the windows and assume the sensors are… on? I know some of you are like, “get a new system!” IMO - I think Ring hasn’t developed this option because maybe, just maybe - the masses are not pet owners, and although they hear us complain and moan about not having a glass break sensor, it’s just not l o u d enough to make an impact for them to rush this out. I could be wrong. But - either way, I really, really hope they make one very soon - as this has become a very weak link in the alarm systems overall protection status.


Yes, Ring - Please provide glass break sensors! Even my car’s alarm has one…


Gen 2 motion is supposed to ignore pets. If it is, I’d contact support.

Thanks for establishing this post, very much need also for my home which currently uses the ring alarm


I also think it’s terrible they don’t have glass break sensors, when I bought it I wrongly assumed they had it or allowed a third party attachment.

Every time I hear about alexa guard as a response I find it very upsetting, almost like customers are too stupid to know the difference between a software and internet and power controlled device simply alerting you via notification vs alarm triggering with or without power,wifi, and with or without you being awake to see notification.

Honestly despite being heavily invested in the cameras and sensors etc I’m probably just going to update to a competitor in the future and sell off or give away what I have bc its bs to leave out basic functions that make some customers that trust in you at risk.


Absolutely-when cam we have a glass break sensor?

We want a glass break sensors-

Me too! **ANY ADVICE? **

My ADT guy just offered me 5 Glass Break Detectors and 1 door sensor all for just $274 including install. only give him $25 to hold it and then pay the 274 when ready to install. Only catch is I have to pay $38 or $45 ($7 for warranty which i must have bc any issues with glass detectors is $119 just to fix or replace, EACH) so might as well pay the $45 total ech month. However, must sign contract for 3 yrs. Is it worth it to wait for ring who just told me theyre def coming out with Glass Detectors and 1 more Product THIS YEAR 2021, or assumed they’re lying (2 Ring Alarm reps said yes, 1 rep said no it’s not coming out with any), or be stuck at $45 for 3yrs? and just use rind doorbell+spotlight cam which if anythign happens to those I need to pay $10/mo for warranty on those, and that includes Alexa Guard PLUS which will bark/siren/turnonlights/notify app/integrate with ADT Pulse. So technically I’ll have to pay $55 for 3+yrs (45 to adt, 10 to Ring bc ADT cams are $500+ so def not using theirs). So IDK what to do?! Help pls. DO I pay $55 for 3yrs & know ADT has me secure? or wait for Ring and lose this best ADT deal of my life? Trust me 3rd party ADT dealers screw u over charging wayyyyy more, this is a real ADT rep who hooked me up and I’ll nev get this chance/deal again.

HELP me decide asap pls!
Is Ring lying or are they coming with glass break sensors? If so I’ll stay w/them and lose that ADT deal.

Does Echo Guard Glass Detector even work well to detect glass? And if so that means I must pay attention to phone ENTIRE time I’m away if I miss the alert then I’m screwed bc I must get the alert then immediately go to RIng app to set off the alarm BEFORE they enter the house bc if they get in they they’d likely take something even if RIng Motion sensors caught them/sounded alarm b4 they run out assuming police are coming, they might try to take something first. WHOLE POINT IS TO SOUND ALARM B4 THEY ENTER, WHICH IS WHY:


Contact sensors are pointless if youre windows are impossible to open when locked which mine are impossible. Motion sensors halfway pointless bc they’re already in, they’re just a nice BACKUP to have but DEF NOT YOUR #1 FIRST THING TO DEPEND ON. GLASS BREAK & MAYBE 1 DOOR SENSOR WHICH IS STILL POINTLESS BC IF THEY KICK IN DOOR THEN THEY’RE IN, DUH. Who knows if they’ll get scared of alarm and run back out without taking something first.

GLASS BREAK IS MOST IMPT AND ONLY WAY TO PREVENT FROM ENTERING, THAT AND THE SPOTLIGHT CAMERAS. CAMERAS TO SOUND A SIREN CATCHING THE MOTION OUTSIDE! But then you still have to stare at your phone entire time your away looking for Camera motion alerts bc YOU have to SOUND THE SIREN yourself thru the app and YOU have to sound the alarm/send to police THRU THE APP and then yell at them to get off grass bc cops are on their way (if they can hear you over the 2 loud sirens and alarms going off).

So Spotlight/outdoor CAMERAS are HALF-GOOD at PREVENTION from ENTERING.

GLASS DETECTOR IS ONLY ONE TO TRULY PREVENT IT 99% bc it sounds alarm, no need to monitor phone while away, and nobody climbing thru broken glass when alarm is going off.

Everything else is NOT PREVENTION, just a SIMPLE BACKUP. nothing special or complex.

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When we had two attempted break in it was a crow bar trying to prise a widow open that tripped the sensor!

The Ring system would not have picked that up.

Ring is designed to activate when someone is already in the property!

If Ring had a glassbreak I would not hesitate to become a proper user and recommend Ring! As it doesnt I wont and cannot.

I too have been waiting on glass-break/vibration detection and checking in on the website from time-to-time, disappointing to see the reaction (or lack of) from Ring on this. I think it’s time to look at another system…

I just replaced a system that had glass break sensors. I was hoping retrofit with wired glass break would work , but it doesnt seem to be triggering.

Please come out with a glass break sensor or certify a third party glass break sensor.