Glass Break Sensors Coming?

Any word on when glass break sensors will be released? The lack of glass break sensors is the only thing holding me up from purchasing the alarm system.

Hard pass on the Amazon Alexa and Echo; I don’t want either one.

If Ring added the glass break sensor, I’d buy the alarm system and 8-10 of the glass break sensors to go with it, along with various other integration products such as locks, smoke detectors, flood sensors, etc.

I have an 80lb dog that has free roam of the house when I’m not home, so motion sensors are out of the question. I also have crank-out style windows instead of sliding windows, so window open/closed contact sensors won’t work for me; In my situation I need to have glass break sensors for it to be a functional alarm system. Without glass break sensors it would just be a very spendy smoke and flood monitoring system with no protection from home intruders.

Give Likes/Kudos if you want glass break sensors too. Ring has said on this forum that the more Likes/Kudos an idea gets, the more it is considered for development by Ring.


I’ll be purchasing the Ring Alarm system the same day the glass break sensors come out, along with multiple glass break sensors, of course.


Thank you for sharing @Ben ! We always appreciate hearing neighbor feedback, as well as sharing your requests with our team. Glass break sensors is something many neighbors are asking for right now, and we are certainly sharing each request to instill value in such a feature.

Keep in mind that we also pride ourselves in innovation, app features, and integrations. A perfect ‘Ring of security’ is obtained by covering all bases, which we work to do through our devices and partners. Consider this shared with the team!

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Is there any idea on a timeline? I’ve been periodically checking for news of glass break sensors for over a year.


I’ve got $1500 worth of Ring Security system I’m not buying because I can’t get glass break sensors. I’m in the same boat as others. I have dogs that stay in the house at night, don’t/won’t own Alexa devices, and must have glass break sensors. I’m not going to wait much longer to buy a security system. If someone wants to provide an idea on how close Ring is to including them, I’ll be able to decide if I want to go with Ring and wait, or if Ring just isn’t an option.


I have installed my system, have my monitoring started, and am putting in my pro doorbell and 9 battery cameras this weekend. However, I am considering returning all of this. I really think the glass break sensor is the most likely part to actually detect an intrusion to my home. I would break a window and just come through if I was breaking into my house.

I have 3 dogs and two cats. Too much motion in my house all day for motion detectors.

I need a glass break sensor.


I understand those saying they won’t an Alexa device in the house because of being afraid of constant recording or sell out of privacy data.

Maybe Ring is not for you. They are owned by Amazon, so they would keep tabs of any time you arm or disarm your system. Assume you don’t own any Ring cameras since these would potentially be doing the same.

Maybe a traditional self contained system that only calls home via cellular or copper lines is what you need?


@su_A_ve wrote:

I understand those saying they won’t an Alexa device in the house because of being afraid of constant recording or sell out of privacy data.

It’s not just the selling of data, there are actually news reports of Alexa’s recording private conversations between married couples and sending the recordings to people. As far as I know, glass break sensors don’t “listen in”, and maybe thats why they dont want to release them, I’m not sure.

@su_A_ve wrote:

Maybe Ring is not for you. They are owned by Amazon, so they would keep tabs of any time you arm or disarm your system. Assume you don’t own any Ring cameras since these would potentially be doing the same.

I have a Ring doorbell, and I would like to get a couple spotlight cameras down the road for the front & one for the back of my house. I do like their exterior cameras. However, the reasons you mentioned is why I also choose not to have any interior cameras. 1st, it seems kinda creepy to have cameras inside your house. 2nd, If I wanted people to see me walk around my house in my birthday suit it’d be cheaper to leave the blinds open than it would be to put up cameras. If they really want to watch my outside cameras then I guess they’d have fun watching me mow my lawn & snowblow my driveway, as I don’t discuss private & personal conversations in my driveway.

@su_A_ve wrote:

Maybe a traditional self contained system that only calls home via cellular or copper lines is what you need?

Not sure if by “calls home” you mean a self monitoring system or a traditional alarm system company. Trust me, I’ve considered both traditional alarm system companies and other DIY systems too. I work in construction so fishing wires in the walls isn’t much a concern of mine, I’ve done it before with electrical and cable lines before; I’m fine with not everything being WiFi.

The reason I haven’t yet gone with a traditional alarm company is the 2-3 year contract required, and I want to be able to add components as I see fit (smoke detectors, flood sensors, a panic button, etc).

I have been on the fence about going with Ring or Simplisafe. As you know, Simplisafe is another DIY home security system with professional monotoring. There are a lot of pro’s for both of companies, but they both also have their con’s as well. Ring beats Simplisafe with outdoor camera’s because Simplisafe doesn’t have any outdoor cameras. Conversely, Simplisafe beats Ring with glass break sensors because Ring doesn’t have glass break sensors. Maybe the answer is to go with a mixed system: just keep my Ring Doorbell Pro, since I already bought & paid for it, and go with a Simplisafe alarm system. I’d rather just have it all on the same system for simplicity reasons, but using two different apps wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Basically my final decision is going to come down to who comes out with the mising piece for their system first. Will Ring come out with glass break sensors, or will Simplisafe come out with outdoor cameras.


Good question. I see numerous requests for glass breakage sensors but no updates as to when they would be available.

Ring please provide an approximate date as to when this feature will be added.


crank windows should work with the alarm…also an echo dot is the same price as a wireless glass break and even cheaper.

The Echo Dot may be cheaper but it doesn’t trip the alarm. It just notifies you. A real glass break sensor will trip the alarm and notify monitoring company.


Users have been asking for the glass break sensor since Ring security system was first released. I think the timeline is for this sensor is obvious.

For some reason, their engineers would rather innovate another camera than provide a much needed simple sensor that every other system provides. Having developed sensors for many years I know that it would not take much effort, or they could just certify someone else’s. I keep my windows locked so the only mode of entry is to break the glass. When the system is in Armed and Home mode the motion sensors are useless.

The dot skill is no solution since it isn’t integrated into the professional service.


Same here! An alarm is not an alarm without glass break sensors! When you’re home, the alarm system is basically useless. Criminals are not going to open windows. They are going to break the glass and come through. Wake up Ring!


So, where are the glass break sensors? This is far from a good security system without them! Motion sensors are not used when you are home. The only thing you are relying on is for someone to open a window or door. That is rarely going to happen. Somebody’s going to break the window glass and climb through! The alarm will never go off because it has no idea anyone is in the house!


Having an Alexa device doesn’t do anything! I don’t really understand what your people are talking about. All it does is notify your phone. It doesn’t call the police, it doesn’t notify anybody other than you! It is a pointless gimmick. Add a real glass break sensor that is fully integrated with the alarm! Stop trying to push your sales of other devices. We have multiple units around the house. I would never use them for a glass break sensor. Like I said, it doesn’t do anything anyway. All it does is notify your phone. It needs to call the police!


Thank you! Somebody that actually understands how this works. They need to make this glass break sensor. I would buy at least six of them!


Oh, when are these glass break sensors being released? Your system is bogus without one! This is one of the key pieces to a good alarm system. Without it, it is basically useless. Criminals are not opening doors or windows unless they are unlocked. They are typically breaking the glass and climbing through. So, when you are home and the system is armed, you do not use motion sensing. Basically, some I could break in your house and your alarm would never go off! How safe is that?? Don’t even bring up the idea of using guard. That is just a stupid gimmick. It does nothing and is not even monitored by the alarm.


I have no issues. I can use the motion detectors without any problems. I researched before I bought the system. It was perfect for me. If I needed glass break sensors, I would have looked elsewhere. If the product is not out now there’s no guarantee it ever will be.

I agree wholeheartedly with you and the further comments in support of your question.

I would like to jump in with more emphasis on this question for Ring managment. I just had an attemped break in two days ago. My glass break sensors on my conventional alarm system (installed for more than 25 years) triggered the system which awakened me with the siren (likely scared off the perpetrator) and notified ADT and they summoned the police. I might not be typing this if I didn’t have that type of protection.

No burgular is going to try to open a window that is not already partially open. In my case they were closed, and numerous rocks were thrown at them, some landing inside when the glass broke. Cameras offer only forensic evidence, they do not protect me during an event! Motion detectors cannot be on in the house at night with the system armed.

I would love to replace this with a Ring alarm to work with the Ring cameras I have installed since then. I spent over $1000.00 in two days, and would spend plenty more if this system were able to offer the same protection. The monitoring savings alone would be worth it. I WILL NOT do so until I can tie into the existing non-Ring wireless glass break sensors, or add Ring glass break sensors for the Ring system. This is an absolutely necessary feature for me or any other potential Ring alarm system customer.

Give us some good news soon and help make defending our homes more affordable with this equipment!


Looks like they’re still ignoring the request for glass break sensors. Looks like I still won’t be buying yet.

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