Glass break sensor false alarms

Is there a way to program a delay when a glass break sensor is triggered?

I would like to use my glass break sensor in home mode, but I’m finding that it is falsely alarming frequently. If my kids drop something on the floor, it sets it off. The sensors are placed high, at least seven feet or more.

Can I - 1) program the sensor so that when it is triggered I have 60 seconds to disarm before the alarm sounds or, 2) adjust the sensitivity of the sensor?

If it’s going to trigger an alarm when my kids play, it’s not really going to work for us.

Hi @sarajdono. There is not an option to apply an Entry or Exit Delay to the Glass Break Sensor, as it’s intended to trigger the siren in the case of a break-in. However, you’re welcome to add your suggestion to our Feature Request board, which is where we gather and share ideas with our teams here. Thank you for your feedback.

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