Glass break sensor doesn't detect YouTube videos of glass breaking sounds

Glass break sensor doesn’t detect YouTube videos of glass breaking sounds

For it to be more accurate it should also catch these glass breaking sounds

Otherwise there is a chance it will miss out many events

YouTube is full of people breaking real glass and windows

An online video is hardly something to test a glass breaking sensor.
As there’s not a lot of users reporting issues with the glass breaking sensor you might see that as a better indicator.

I disagree, if the sensor is a microphone that listens for glass breaking sounds, it should catch every sound from videos like this Breaking Glass , Smashing Window , Breaking Mirror Sound Effect - YouTube

Unless Amazon confirm their AI is so advanced it knew it was a video but their sensor would catch those sounds in real life

Take a glass and break it if you don’t trust it. That’s the test you should be doing, not some pointless online video.

Good luck.

Hi @Raza100. As mentioned in this Help Center article here, using a video of glass breaking is not a reliable method for testing your Glass Break Sensor. Try using the methods listed in that article for the best results.

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