Ghost ring?

My Echo Show 8 will occasionally tell me “someone is at the front door” but no in is in sight when this happens. I have a battery-powered Video Doorbell 4. Is this a known issue with a solution?

So I’m guessing mine is an isolated incident?

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All you can do is check your app’s settings. Make adjustments such as don’t make it be so sensitive or less frequency (if those are options for you). See if tweaking your settings improves.
Also, it could have been a bug/bat/something fly by that the doorbell interpreted as a human.
Just remember the doorbells are great, but not perfect.

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Hi @njitgrad. Great call from @SolarEclipse by opting to make adjustments to your Motion Settings. Often times, if there is a flag or bush that moves in front of the camera, it can cause a false notification.

My ring doorbell has recorded an actual orb outside of my door. The orb came out of one wall… to the center of my door and then to the wall on the other side. It is also recording voices yet nobody is outside.

Bug or lights of vehicles going by.
Likely someone was walking by or near by and talking.

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But my Ring app is not telling me that someone is ringing the bell, just my Echo Show.

Hi @njitgrad. If you are not getting notifications on your phone, this Help Center article here may help you.