Getting worst

Getting worst each loosing connection.
Cannot get a view so i will dump those silly gadgets and get tp link that work without having to pay a subscription

Hi @PatriciaMarchand. Which Ring device do you have? You can find the device name on the Device Health page in the Ring app. The RSSI number is also located on the Device Health page, and this number gives us an indication on how strong the wifi signal to your Ring device is. Having a bit more information can help us provide relevant troubleshooting steps. :slight_smile:

I have been using ring for over 5 years now.
They used to work so well until amazon took over.
Regardless of the camera they simply failed, they display a message to reconnect asking me to check my wifi.
My Internet connection is perfectly working, I do have some tp-link too and a cctv, wifi lights and none of them failing, 2 wifo boosters yet ring always fail.
Is the server for ring failing so at some point our cameras will stop working, on and off
I believe it is a ring staff, server or software problem amazon refuses to address.
They don’t care as they also running other types of cameras.

And by the way amazon staff you not my neighbours.

Help doing what?
My wifi is working properly
I do have 2 boosters and many wifi type products including tp-link cameras and lights all working fine.
Have you checked the server? Have you checked space available? Have you checked nobody is switching on/off some channels?
No then please do so then come back when you have done so.