Getting Ring app on fire tablet

I have the Ring app on my phone and everything works just fine, but Google store won’t let me install it on my Fire tablet because it says it’s already installed.

Can anyone tell me how to get the app on my fire tablet? Any help isappreciated!


Hi Neighbor! I don’t believe the app is available for the Fire Tablet

I did some more research and discovered that I couldn’t use the android version and had to download several different google…apk apps and had to change settings to allow downloads from unknown sources. After that, I was able to download the specific Ring app for Fire.


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Pretty crazy how its not allowed on the fire tablet because, if I’m correct, Amazon owns ring. Makes both companies look pretty incompetent or shady lol. Bizarre and myserious if you ask me.

I also sideloaded the ring home everywhere app on my fire tablet 10 9th gen because I didn’t want to install google playstore and all those other apk’s in case it caused compatibility issues. Everything works perfectly fine and once you ignore the first message about needing the google play store, it only flashes on the screen thereafter and you can’ even see it. The only thing that doesn’t work is the notifications but every single other function works fine including live view. So if you want to get sound notifications and see alerts in the panel, just install the rapid ring app companion and that will work along side of it.

Again this is all very bizarre and mysterious since they are both owned by the same company… Somebody inside the company causing sabotage?