Getting Push Notifications even though it's turned off


Android app user and ever since I updated the Ring App I’ve been getting the following Push Notification every time it’s Disarmed:


[“Property” is now disarmed. Tap to view your Even Summary.]

It’s so annoying.
Never happened to me before and I’ve already checked
Settings–> Alert settings -->Alarm–> Push notifications–> OFF–> Save.

Despite this still getting Pushes with the message and only Disarm messages.

  1. I know I can disable all Push notifications via the Android Operating System but I dont want that - I just want the Ring App to respect that I dont want Push Notifications. And sometimes I will turn Push On and customize what I want but the “Disarm Notification” is bypassing all user authorizations.
  2. I’ve called and filed a ticket already with Ring. They had me log in and out, Toggle the Push off and on, Uninstall and Reinstall, nothing works, still getting that PUSH notification.

I can’t be the only one experiencing this…already there is a Reddit about it.

Hi @MM241us. I was able to find this post where other neighbors have shared the same concern. As mentioned by Caitlyn in that post, they have brought this to our team’s attention, and it is now being looked into.