Getting notifications, but no video footage, live or recoded

Hi all,

Have my ring for 4 or 5 years, never an issue, lost video footage, reset the device, then uninstalled and set it up from scratch again. Its connected to wifi with a strong signal but no video footage, on the app or on a pc logged in to the website.
I get notifications on my phone the bell is pressed, but no video or sound.
I dont mind buying a new ring, but is there any point, could it be an issue with my type of wifi connection or something?

Hi @user40296. When you say there is no video footage, can you offer some additional clarification please. Do no events show in the Event History, or are you able to tap on an event but the video doesn’t load? When you tap on a video to watch it from the Event History, are you seeing a black screen or an error message of any sort? Having more information on what exactly you’re seeing will help me provide the appropriate troubleshooting steps.