Getting motion alert on echo show

I am able to view live feeds on my echo show from my ring camera.

I am able to get notifications of motion on my iPhone.

How do I get notification of motion on my:

  • echo show

  • Mac

Thank you

Good question @solarslurpie! The Alexa enabled devices should certainly allow for notifications, if not automatically then by setting or skill added. Please ensure your alert toggles are enabled in both apps, as well as checking for any addition Ring/ Alexa skills/ settings for notification sounds.

For the Mac device, we offer a Ring app that will notify through the Mac. When you have a chance, open a browser tab on your Mac and visit

This web address will automatically prompt the install of the latest Mac app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I called Amazon on the issue that the Ring Spotlight Cam doesn’t notify Echo Show when motion is detected, while the Ring Doorbell 2 does, and the Amazon rep called Ring, and the Ring Rep said only the Ring doorbell notifies Alexa. The motion sensor also does not notify Echo Show. This is a problem that Ring needs to address immediately. I sent back a ToSee Plus camera partly for that reason, and I ordered the Ring Spotlight Cam because I “knew” the Ring app notified Echo Show. Now I find out that the Ring app only works properly with Ring Doorbell. That makes no sense whatsoever!