Getting Alerts from Alarm and Neigbours but not doorbell and motion

4 hours on the phone with support last night and no luck whatsoever…
All of a sudden the doorbell ring and motion alerts stopped flowing to both my wife and my phones. We are on different plans with different providers and different model iphones. Tech kept telling me it was our phone carrier issue, however the alerts from our Ring Alarm system, the neighborhood notes, and the warning someone is logging into my account come through just fine on the same app.
I suspect its a problem on the ring app side at the source but no action from tech support. Kept telling me it was all showing as working. We did a factory reset of the doorbell, deleted and reinstalled the app on both phones, and changed every setting until my head spun, still no alerts from the doorbell yet it “appears its not on our end” according to Ring. Rings and motion are detected and stored in the history on the app, so the unit is communicating back to the server, but there are no alerts generated back to the app and my phone???..anyone else have this issue?