Getting a smart deter feature on Ring doorbell camera pro 2?

I would like to make a suggestion to Ring. Can they update the doorbell camera pro 2, with a smart deter feature like Vivint’s, where the doorbell can detect lurkers and new packages, and once it detects that person, it either whistles, hoots or maybe even say “Hay, there”, so that the camera can make it’s presence know on it’s own, to let the person know that they’re being watched?

Hi @Qhemet. We do have a feature that is available for hardwired Ring devices known as Motion Warning. It will have your Ring device say “Hi, you are currently being recorded” whenever the device detects motion. The Ring Pro 2 has the Motion Waring feature. This Help Center article here will give you a list of other Ring devices that support Motion Warning and how to enable it. We also have a feature called Package Alerts available that will let you know when there is a package in the view of a Video Doorbell. This Help Center article here will give you a list of Video Doorbells that support this feature and how to enable it.