Getting a doorbell that works with an existing system

I have a video doorbell 2 which works just fine. But it has been discontinued. I got a new doorbell, but it will not work with the existing system.

Ring support was unable to understand the problem or provide a solution. Or even speak intelligible English, but I’ve gotten used to that

So the question is, why can’t I get a doorbell that works or get tech support that can understand simple questions and give intelligible answers?

Hi @supuflounder. I’d be happy to offer some help with this, but I’ll need more information to go on. What system are you asking about when you say the new Doorbell does not work with it? Additionally, which model of Ring Doorbell did you purchase? The model name should be listed on the original packaging and on the back of the device itself. Knowing what system and Ring Doorbell we’re working with will help me to provide an answer that’s relevant. :slight_smile: