Get rid of email verification.

The email verification code is a total annoyance and I don’t need, nor do I want to have to jump through hoops to be able to login to my account. I wasn’t asked, I was compelled to go to this. This very act is the reason I got rid of my old security system and went to Ring. I don’t want to have to get rid of Ring, but unless I get an opt out or permanent acceptance that I know what I’m doing, I’ll have to switch yet again.

I undestand the email thing is mandatory, but come on Ring, give us credit for being adults.


It’s not changing. You can get text messages but Ring has to put this in place. There may be an app 2 factor authentication in the future.

Hi @Desert-Dweller! Two Factor Authentication and Two Step Verification is one of the many steps Ring is taking to bring more security and control to our customers. We’re always looking to increase the security of Ring devices and will continue to innovate on behalf of the customer. We will certainly pass along your feedback. :slight_smile:

I fail to understand why I was NOT given a choice to opt out of this. I am fully capable of taking the necessary steps to protect my devices from hacking attempts.

As an example, when I tried to reply, it took me two attempts because the first code never arrived in time, still hasn’t.

To compel me to use this is nothing short of tyrannical. Knock it off! At this point I am seriously considering ripping everything out that is Ring, throwing it all in the trash and installing another system which won’t compel me to have to jump through hoops to log in. It is total nonsense that I am viewed as a mental defective too stupid to think for himself and who needs Ring as a keeper.


I agree, This endless verification is unnecessary and annoying. There must be a better way than to require someone to shift to another device or program (email or text) EVERY TIME a login is required. Codes, gestures or something that can be done on the same page would be a big improvement.


The forced two factor is driving me nuts. Once I log in from a known device once with the verification code. Have to always put this in is worthless. A remember me function is a must!


a related observation:

I notice that after logging into this community forum using email verification, I’m automatically logged out after some relatively short period of time (may 1/2 hr or so?) even if I leave my browser window open.

Then to log in again I of course have to go through the 2 step verification email thing, again. This makes even just using this forum SUPER annoying. I participate in a number of other forum websites regularly, and all of them can remember I’ve already logged in and will let me stay so for more than a few minutes or hours without re-logging in on the same device.

I get in general why 2FA is a good thing but this is taking it to an extremely annoying level when we’re talking about just wanting to use the community forum. Can at least this forum be fixed so it remembers validated 2FA logins on a given device for a reasonable amount of time?

As it stands, this is a very customer-unfriendly “feature”.


Thanks for the feedback @abc . I noticed that adjusting Two-Step Verification to text message is easier for me to log into the Community vs Email. That is just my personal preference for the two. At this time, there is not a way to adjust how to log into the Community, however, we have passed along your feedback to the appropriate team and will start to explore available options. We will share all updates with you in this thread. Thanks!

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Absolutely agree. There is an option to opt in or out of SMS 2-step login so why not for email? This is a major annoyance. Please fix it.

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Opt out doesn’t work. It’s still there but doesn’t work anymore. You have a choice of text or email. They are not going to remove it…

I don’t mind two step verification on a new device but this is insanity that I have to use it every time I want to access my account via the same browser at home.


Case in point - I was logged in reading if there was a way around this absurd feature. I had to re-log in to upvote and reply. Had to get another email verification. How annoying!


I agree. this is absolute made me ENRAGED. I logged on not 15 minutes ago and it has already logged me out and made me go thru this stupid 2 step thing AGAIN. I called customer support and it was cutting out and they were unhelpful. ENRAGED… I cannot use my device if I have to do this when someone is ringing my freaking doorbell. and THEN THE FREAKING CODES DON"T EVEN ALWAYS WORK. it tried to cut me out of my account for trying too many bad codes when it just sent them to me. how useless is that. oh we can’t do our own security ok so lets just not let people in at all. yeah. that’s how you do it. enrage your customers because we can’t code. ffs. TURN IT OFF and get gud. omg. this is NOT ACCEPTABLE. I left a bad review on amazon I suggest everyone else does too. get yoru act together ring. this is TERRIBLE.

What frustrates me is the need to get a txt message with a security code every time that I login from my computer. Not necessary when using my smart phone. I wonder if the programmers at ring have ever heard of “cookies” as a way of remembering validated users. every bank that I use does it and does not seem to have a problem. I do realize that clearing my browser cache will require a two step again, but that’s not a frequent problem

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@Desert-Dweller , @Eagle328 ,
, @thefiresidecatt ,
, and to others that read this post,

Let us all unite our voices concerning the current Two-Step-Verification process! You aren’t alone. This has been an ongoing issue across many other topic areas, just not here in the Feature Request Board area. There are also many, many Two-Step-Verification posts across the entire Ring Community!

Ring has made some verification improvements. After you initially log-in verify, you don’t need to repeat this process on some Ring apps (smart-phone apps, Windows 10 apps, the Ring Community website, etc.) as long as you do not log-off. Thank you Ring! ? But still some areas, like the Ring website, still have this repetitive annoying issue (automatically logged-off after idle-time, and have to repeat this verification cycle).

Let your “Thumbs Up” be your vote to improve Two-Step-Verification method! Ring Teams notices Feature Request Board with higher Thumbs Up numbers, and therefore are more likely incorporate the request. I apologize if I missed some of the Two-Step-Authentication posts on this Feature Board, and I did not link to this topic already posted in other non-Feature Request Board areas (too many). But if you think this Two-Step Verification should be modified or tweaked to be more User-Friendly, CLICK ON EACH LINK below and THEN CLICK THE THUMBS UP icon of the submitting post author. Help make your Kudo Vote be heard! ?……………

Yes. Texting verification code much better. Please.

@TheTorp wrote:
Yes. Texting verification code much better. Please.

You can choose either text or email in the settings.