Get Neighborhood Alerts Outside my Neighborhood past month or so

I have been using ring for years, all of a sudden about a month or two I ago started receiving neighborhood alerts outside my area. I have already setup the “Customize Neighborhood Area” as well as resetting it. I’ve also setup the Alert Settings “Notifications Distanced” to 0.5 miles, checked my address, etc. It was working find and then boom, not working and nothing seems to make it better.

I have tried all the suggestions on the forum to uninstall, reboot, re-install the app.

I still receive crime alerts/videos (not safety report) miles and miles outside my defined area. Quite annoying.

Another thing is when I get these android notifications and I click on them I can see them, but then they are in my feed. Second, if I get the android notification and then I don’t click on it but go into the ring app there is a new notification indicator on the Neighborhood app, but when I click on it there are NO new notifications.

So it’s as if the feed knows these are not supposed to go to me, but I still get the notifications and I can only see the notification (that doesn’t apply to me) if I click on it from the android notification bar. If I do it from the Neighborhood tile that says I have a notification … it will not show up.

This is definitely a new bug.