Geomode reminders grayed out I have Protect Plan Basic

I have a new to me (my Ring 2 mike failed after 4 years) Ring 2020.

Hi @ZebraDude. I’m not sure what’s going on here. Are you saying the microphone on your Ring 2nd Gen has failed? Or is your Doorbell named “Mike” and it has failed? Thanks in advance for clarification.

the microphone on my Ring 2 had failed so I purchased and installed a 2nd generation Ring (the non removable battery one)

I switched on my Geomode but the Arm/Disarm Reminders are grayed out???

Hi @ZebraDude. Thank you for clearing things up for me. Most audio concerns can be corrected by following the steps in this Help Center article here. As for your Geofence Arm/Disarms reminders being grayed out, I’ve notified my team to look into this. Thank you.