Geofencing mode

Their geofencing feature is absolutely useless, waited years and this is what we get a notification to set - what !

Why not an option to arm/ disarm ?

Its available in the UK to remind us but…guess what?..even that doesn’t work!

I have set it up and made sure notifications on my phone are turned on etc but NOTHING

No reminders when I leave or return home

Absolute rubbish!!!

I realize this is a very sensitive subject for many here. I just want to add some thoughts, as I got notified today of the newly available geofencing feature (am in the US).

Though it may surprise some to hear, I am NOT going to take advantage of this much-awaited “opportunity”…for my Ring video doorbell, at least. I think that’s an important distinction for this discussion.

I do totally agree that for an indoor Ring camera, geofencing is vital to avoid both notifications and recordings (as my Canary cams have had for years). And if you don’t use a Ring Doorbell, you can skip the rest of this comment.

If you DO have the doorbell, you too may think “this is cool”, as it’s indeed annoying to get alerts every time you come and go or are on your porch.

But as I contemplated using the feature for my Ring doorbell, I’ve decided to pass, for a couple key reasons. I’m curious if anyone thinks I’m wrong on these:

  • I don’t want to have the doorbell stop alerting me (be auto-snoozed) simply because I’m home when someone unexpectedly may be at my door , like a porch pirate who may not show the courtesy of pressing the Ring doorbell
  • It’s not even clear from my reading on the Ring site whether notifications about the pressing of the doorbell would also be disabled. If it still would alert, that’s good to hear.
  • And while the feature still records while alerts are auto-snoozed, that’s not my main desire when someone is unexpectedly on my porch. I want to be notified right then, even while I’m home

Again, for indoor cameras, it TOTALLY makes sense to stop the notifications while home, though the fact that it still records seems very disconcerting, if that’s indeed true for the indoor cameras.

Just wanted to share those thoughts. I realize that in this thread it’s a bit risky to comment at all as this is such a sensitive subject. Again, I share this for existing doorbell owners, and perhaps to hear if someone may feel I “have it wrong” in my assessment of the problem in using geofencing for that.

Finally, FWIW, it could be helpful to know going forward if those wanting the feature so much are indeed seeking it for an indoor camera or a doorbell. The use cases and concerns would seem quite different.

While I’ll still use this new feature, I think a lot of the point was missed.

Whats the point of having a “home” setting if the only way I get reminded to turn on my security is to have everything on “disabled “.

Shouldn’t I be able to swap between “home” and “away”?

Isn’t that like, the main use case for geofencing?

I’m forced to now configure “disarmed” as if it is “home” and one if the other two as “away”.

hmm maybe if i configure “away” as “disarmed” and “disarmed” as “home” and “home” as “away” then it will finally work like it should. i’ll get notified when i come and go, and i’ll still be able to disarm it if i need

think about how ridiculous that sounds