Geofencing mode

Totally Agree!

How can you guys mark this topic as “resolved”?

I know how you can…and why…because you don’t want people to draw attention to your shortcomings!

Give me a break RING…Jeffy at Amazon has a little extra money to throw at this problem i’m sure.

C’mon Jeffy!

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Been a customer for many years… growing very tired of this basic feature not being added. I’m getting ready for camera upgrades and won’t be buying Ring without geofencing that works in combination with schedules.

  • when I am away, recording + notifications 24x7

  • when home, 6am - 9pm, recording only

  • when home, 9pm-6am, recording + notifications

Marking as solved?


This is not solved.

Resolved should say. This is all we can say right now. So, there is no Geofencing at all and it’s not in the works. But may happen at some point. End…

Saying it is “resolved” is a stretch as well.

This is not resolved either. You work for Jeffy? not sure by the tone of your response if you are being sarcastic or a defender of Ring here?

@Eagle328 wrote:
Resolved should say. This is all we can say right now. So, there is no Geofencing at all and it’s not in the works. But may happen at some point. End…

Ring needs to make this feature a priority. It’s doesn’t seem outrageous to have the feature use the location services of the registered device this way the mode automatically changes when it within the distance of the cameras. Otherwise it is simply annoying having to log into the app to change it each time. Not to mention it’s easy to forget to change it back to away mode once you have left. This leaves room for holes in how your hone is protected or not protected for that matter. Get on this ASAP


Every few months I look for this to see if it’s updated. I’d migrate my cameras over as it would be cheaper for me in the long run and also one system. Still, the end of 2020, we’re missing a basic feature. Granted if you realize we really need two apps for our doorbells now to watch live video, it makes sense they can’t pull this off. Maybe instead of ditching nest I need to think of just going the other way and swap to them.


I use Simple Commands combined with an Alexa routine which senses when I arrive in the Driveway, then opens the Garage Door, Unlocks my doors, and finally disarms Ring.

Hi Smugyou. This sounds very interesting and I have lots of automation I can use including HomeBridge but I can’t work out from your message what triggers the mode change, if that’s what you’r suggesting happens? If you could elaborate any more I’d love to get this working. I’d be happy to write a tutorial and give you credit. I’m sure this would make a lot of people happy.

Tech head…

Another UPVOTE

This is unbelievable , no native support for Geo-fencing, and furthermore not even support for 3rd party integrations to trigger Home/Away mode using Alexa, etc.

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Why is this ticket marked as solved when it clearly is not? Ring please tell me why this is marked as solved and pleased give the hundreds of people that have taken time to comment on this post an answer as to why you cannot implement geofencing? It seems like your most requested feature and a no brainer! If I could return this alarm system I would because I think others have leapfrogged you now. Terrible for the company that pioneered the smart doorbell.

Just installed my doorbell pro and spotlight camera… how on earth is it possible that a company like this does not support geofencing… OMG when buying this it was not even one second on my mind to check this upfront. Anything is location based nowadays (of course with your preference and consent), but that it is totally not available is mind blowing!!! Ring, get to work and please develope this feature… not to innovate, just to get back in line with the competition out there.

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@Chaser03 can you elaberate on this? We have Alexa and Ring and trying to get the Away / Home to switch.

I think Geofencing would be a nice option but I can understand why its not included as Ring probably want to minimalise issues caused by things outside of their control. People would also be moaning on the odd instance that the Geofencing didn’t work for some reason like Alarm having Internet issues, phone GPS issue, Phone celular issue.

I th

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This is weak. The only reason I switched from NEST was for Ring’s POE camera. Their geofencing worked great. There is no reason not to implement geofencing. It’s used reliably by your competition. Some have mentioned that adding this feature will cause complaints when the feature fails. This can be said of any Ring feature. Some mention geofencing may provide criminals a hack. Unlikely on a large scale and concerned parties can turn the feature OFF. Home automation centers on limiting necessary user input. Location based automation is even more fundamental than voice control. FIX THIS.

It is way past time. I will not purchase another ring device until you bring geo fencing to the product line. Canary has had it for years and it works great. No excuse for Ring not to have it.

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Just got a ring, also shocked to see there are no geofencing options. Seems like a no brainer and an easy thing to program into the app. My hue light bulbs even do it. Hopefully they’re working on an update. Would make this product 1000x better. Also an even lower motion sensitivity would be great. Birds keep setting it off.

I will not be renewing my ring subscription if they can not come up with a basic function of Geofencing. It is so annoying to be getting constant alerts of my motion when I am home. I don’t want to have remember to enable and disable alerts every time I leave or come home.

Wow, it didn’t even cross my mind that geofencing is not the most basic feature of the setup.

I have my 30 day return policy… if I don’t see geofencing enabled or even announced, will be returning the whole Ring setup and switching to Google.

Would also like this feature;
to enable alarm when all registered users are away from home (incase we forget)
to disable notifications when at home