Geofencing mode

Is there an automatic way to turn on alarm when we are away from home with location? as for google nest? There is away mode?


Great question @Valeriomor! If you are away from home and need to arm your Alarm, the Ring app is designed for the ability to quickly arm from the Ring app dashboard. There is not a geofencing feature at this time, but we are always working to bring more features to our neighbors. We appreciate the feedback and will share it with our teams! :slight_smile:


Since you don’t have a geofence option yet. How does Modes and Motion Schedule work together. If I have my cam in AWAY mode can/will the Motion Schedule to override to start recording according to the specified schedule?

Good question @Will25! Modes are customizable and can vary based on each neighbors desired use and included devices. That being said, if you choose to disable motion detection in any Mode, then notifications and recordings will be disabled.

The device and app experience while using Modes will default to the Mode configurations set and desired by each neighbor. This means if you choose a Mode to control motion detection, it will take priority over any other motion settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Why an earth would you not include geofencing on a ‘smart’ alarm system? I have a Canary camera which i brought years ago and that does a really good job of arming/disarming it’s self when i leave home. It just works without me thinking about it, which is what your alarm should do to avoid the problem where you might forget to arm it, making it completely useless.


Got to say that I fully agree.

This seems like a no brainer considering virtually all competitor products do this.

It was such a no brainer that I saw the modes and stupidly assumed that this would use geofencing.
If I had looked closer, there is no way that I would have purchased them.

Even a location app in IFTTT would be acceptable, but that is not available either


Yes, yes, yes! Geofencing! It’s almost unimaginable that this hasn’t been built into the app by now. It would be an extremely easy thing to do. Isn’t it an obvious feature? Do the people at Ring really think most people will want to, or even remember to switch between home and away modes? Geofencing would add to the utility of the app by a factor of 10. I’m just shocked that it’s not already a feature!


Isn’t it frustrating? It always seems the people who make the most money do the worst job. It’s ridiculous that a company of this notoriety would not have something so simple and obvious like geofencing built in from almost the start. It’s been what… 6+ years now they’ve been selling these things?


Agree. How will you communicate when this is on the roadmap? Either native or IFTT? I migrated from nest but have to say I regret it a little. Of course I didn’t do my homework but it seem So incredibly obvious to have geofencing ?



I am on the trial of the alarm system, but i find it ridiculous that this is not included, at least to set the alarm system. THe amount of times i have left and forgot to set the alarm, makes it kind of useless! Silly that such an advanced system does not have such a basic feature. Even a prompt when you leave/come back to arm/disarm would be helpful. They could utilize the 2 factor security built into phones to ensure it is not misused!


Geofencing makes sense to do and should have been part of the introduction of the modes feature. If you work at Ring and use your own product, you’d agree. Rather than deal with upset customer feedback, Ring should announce that they will add the feature and an approximate date. Be bold. Have happy customers even as the product is iterating.


OMG, my first camera is arriving tomorrow and I couldn’t even imagine it hasn’t got geofencing??? My heating, lighting has Geofencing so I assumed my smart home will switch itself to ‘away’ mode completely! Ring, deal with it asap!


I too feel duped by the lack of this obvious need. Like most of you its pretty much too late to go back now, but 2 stars is the highest review they will get from me for a long time. Their 2 factor requirement is also very slow to respond as compared to others. They are clearly making a product that can “get by” and sell a lot of units. No apparent care for quality design and implementation. Ill use this for two years to recoup some costs then hope something better and Home Kit friendly (yes, they lied about that too) comes along. Oh, and making the keypad only hard wired? Idiotic.


Like others, i didn’t even research whether geofencing was a feature as I’d assumed it would be with a Smart system. I do find it frustrating that Ring responses come when there is a blurb to cut/paste into a reply, but when the question or suggestion is more involved there is silence. What is the problem with communicating an ETA for this feature. You’d get a LOT of mileage from your customers, even if it were 6 months out from Beta.

Additionally, it needn’t be complicated GPS. Could just start with a prompt when you enter or leave the same wifi network.

Please post some reply Ring, and let me know if i shoudl recommend your product or continue in frustration.


Hey neighbors. Thank you for continuing to show your interest in a possible Geo-Fencing mode for the Ring Alarm system and other Ring devices. We do not have an ETA at this time of when and if this will be a feature. When we have a good update on this, we will make sure to let you know! :slight_smile:

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So here I was, just starting to regret my massive outlay, purchasing a “premium smart” multi camera and doorbell system for not having basic geofencing support, when Ring pops up in my inbox, asking me if I’d like to give them even more money each month.<br><br>No! <br><br>Honestly Ring, I thought I was alone in this thinking but it appears there are a lot of like minded Ring customers who share my displeasure. Like the others in this thread, I also feel duped for making the assumption that your Modes support would automate profiles based on registered user locations. I feel stupid for not for not reading all your small print and specs now. It’s 2020 for crying out loud and there’s honestly no excuse for this not being a core feature, let alone not even having a road map for an implementation.<br><br>Shame on you Ring.


It would be so awesome if ring would create geofencing or the ability to set a schedule
For recording not just alerts. I love my ring products and don’t want to switch. But when can we expect geofencing?


I don’t think this is true. When I set a schedule for motion the camera still records with the blue light indicating there is recording taking place. Geofencing is more intuitive and dynamic when wanting your motion and recording to happen only when not home.

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I just got rid of my Guardian alarm system to come full on to Ring. With my guardian system when I’d get to the edge of my geofence I’d get an auto pop up on my phone and watch that would allow me to click the popup and arm my system. WHY is this not possible with Ring??? Admittedly I didn’t check the app before getting the alarm because I thought surely Ring would have this feature. Its such a basic expected feature these days. So frustrating… Come on Ring


Agreed. I just purchased an indoor cam as a trial to see how it compares with my Amazon Cams, as I want to have everything in one ecosystem (I already have the Ring doorbell). Imagine my surprise to find that there is no automatic geofencing home/away feature to turn my indoor cam off (well, stop recording, anyway) when I am home. This is like an industry standard at this point. Come on.