Geofencing - internal cameras for no notifications while home?

I’ve had a Ring video doorbell for a couple years and love it so I bought some Ring Stickup Cams to replace my internal cameras I currently had. I however need to know how to set Geofencing to stop sending notifications when I’m home on the internal cams I want it to record people and motion still but no notifications while I’m home. I have it setup now but it only mutes them for 3 hours… wtf!!! If there is no way to do it in the ring app but there is a way to do it via shortcuts in ios or ifttt or whatever please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @HnyBear. To adjust the notifications you receive while you are at home, you can try Modes for Cameras or setup a Motion Schedule. Additionally, you can also choose to use the Motion Snooze feature. Let me know if this helps.

Tom. no, sorry those options don’t work. I don’t want to have to remember to set modes for home and away, what if I forget to set it that I’m away? I’ll never get notifications for anything happening on the cams.

Motion schedule for a home is completely useless. That means I’d only be home at a set schedule, who is ever home at a set schedule? No one.

Motion snooze is also useless as it only allows for up to 12 hours.

What we need is the ability to set notifications to off on certain devices when home and then reenable them when away. That is the entire point of Geofencing and I have no idea how a supposed security camera company doesn’t do that.

We should also be able to set it up to allow for notifications to be enabled only if all parties are away and disabled as soon as one party arrives home.

Ring makes excellent devices but the software/hardware is so lacking in features it’s almost like the people that make this stuff don’t actually use this stuff.

Does Mr. Siminoff want a free consultation? :rofl:

but seriously you could crush all the other competition if you just made your software functional for real people.

Hi @HnyBear. Thank you for the feedback. I suggest adding your ideas to the Feature Request Board. That way, other neighbors who feel the same way can add interest and vote for your feature request.

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