Geofence set up to stop notifications

With the new geofence is there a way to fix it so if both my family members phones are gone it sends notifications but if one of the phones is present it doesn’t send notifications at all?

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If you’re asking if notifications are turned off only if both members are gone, I don’t think so. Perhaps Ring should make notifications hinge on who is holding the primary account holder phone. When that person is gone, notifications, when that person is home, no notifications.

Hi there, neighbors! The Geofence settings and alerts are specific to the mobile device you set it up on. Meaning, if you are logged in on other mobile devices, or have granted Shared Users access to your Ring devices, your Geofence settings will not affect those other mobile devices Ring app settings. Additionally, your shared users are able to set up Auto-Snooze and Mode Reminder notifications on for their own iOS or Android device. However they will not be able to modify the geofence position.

Check out our Community post by @Riley_Ring for more tips on using Geofence. :slight_smile:

what if all users are signed into the app as the account owner? Then geofence should apply to anyone carrying that device.