Geofence BUG leaving house (iOS app) -Ring Stick Up Cam Battery?

App version RING: 5.53.0 (Belgium - Dutch version)

Apple iOS: 15.6.1

Device: Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

Problem: Geofence not working when leaving the house (only when entering the house)

Looks like the geofence warning only works when entering the space around the house. The Ring app immediately asks the switch the mode to ‘inhouse’. BUT when leaving the geofence space around the house, the app doesn’t ask to switch the mode to ‘Away’. No message is send trough the app to switch the mode.

The switches in the ring app are both ‘on’ for warning me when leaving and entering the house. The app has ‘use background activity’ on ‘Always’. So this seems like a bug. Anyone else has the problem?

Kind regards

Hi @JellGool. If you haven’t already, try disabling the Geofence completely and closing the Ring app. Then reopen the Ring app and walk through the process of setting up the Geofence again, adjust everything to your preferences, and test it out. You can find steps on how to enable and disable the Geofence in our Help Center article here. Let me know if this helps.