Geofence available for indoor cameras?

Is there a geofence setting so that indoor cameras stop recording when residents come home, for privacy reasons? Other vendors have this, and I don’t see it anywhere on the site, but seems like a basic functionality that is necessary.


Geofencing is certainly a popular request for many reasons, but as of right now it is not a feature of Ring. I’ll happily forward your request to our team! As always, you’re welcome to share your wish list with us anytime.


I also wish ring cameras would have geofencing for indoor. I haven’t purchased any for exactly that reason. Shame since I love my outside cams.


no geofencing is a 100% flat out deal killer for an indoor camera. I understand that there’s a possibility that someone could spoof my phone presence to get around the alarm but the alternative is having an allways on camera recording me wandering around the house which is a complete and utter failure.


Good news is that that home/away feature is coming very soon!


awesome, I’ll buy as soon as that happens

Excellent point @ChicagoSecurity! Modes will be releasing soon which will definitely add an extra layer of customization and privacy when wanted. @grogmatron , check out our Commuity post about Modes to learn more about the upcoming release and how this feature can benefit you :slight_smile:

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WE WANT GEOFENCING TOO. All of our indoor cameras are going off and alerting ALL the time. We can turn off the alerts but they are still literally recording every minute of every day when we are home. Also when we are trying to do something else in the ring app it keeps changing to one of the cameras and it’s really annoying. It would be nice if it would only be on when we aren’t home, or say when we turn on our ring alarm.


Modes does not include geofencing, it requires you to manually switch between modes. Also it does not have any effect on ring cameras or doorbell.

ok well thats completely pointless then


If the indoor cameras supported Geofencing I would have bought two immediately.

Ring has really missed the boat on this as it wouldn’t have been difficult to incorporate this.
I have Cammy cameras that have had this feature for years and Cammy is a much smaller company than Ring.

I pay a subscription to Cammy and also to Ring for my doorbell and outdoor camera and I would have replaced the Cammy cameras with Ring indoor cameras if they supported geofencing but, as of now, the Cammy cameras are superior because of this.

I think ring is missing a large customer base for this silly oversight


Modes is NOT geofencing though is it.

I’m really disappointed that the Ring developers didn’t think about geofencing, its straightforward technology these days and should have been included from the start.

I wont be buying any indoor cameras until this feature is included


I just bought the ring alarm to test. When is geofencing coming? My arlo basically detects when I am home and turns off cameras. Then I enable it from 11pm to 6 am to override the off state. My garage door opener auto opens / closes with geo fencing . I know this is 10 bucks a month but these features can’t be that difficult. My nest SmartThings all know when I am gone. My current company may negotiate thanks to your cheaper pricing. I feel like geofencing will be the tie breaker or not having it may be a deal breaker :frowning:

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I just bought 2 indoor cameras on the assumption that Ring, the most recognized name of all home camera manufacturers, would have this now standard feature and many more I never thought of. I’m returning them tomorrow.

@dbm80401 wrote:
I just bought 2 indoor cameras on the assumption that Ring, the most recognized name of all home camera manufacturers, would have this now standard feature and many more I never thought of. I’m returning them tomorrow.

This is where research on a product is very important. There are 3rd party apps that can add this if needed.

What are the 3rd party apps? One could spend a lifetime researching every purchase for every feature but some are ubiquitous and therefore just assumed, especially from the biggest name in home security cameras.


What are the third party apps??

Nowhere, probably in someone’s imagination… I’ve just checked the IFTT and there’s no option for this either… My first camera is coming tomorrow and it will be also my first smart home element without the geofencing. Come on, guys.


Agreed. Maybe in the future. Support has some “work around” suggestions if you call them. They do the best they can with what they are given.

It is ridiculous that it does not have geo fencing–I am sending it back. Almost useless without it because you constantly get notices if it is in away mode… OR … you constantly forget to change the mode to away when you leave the house.

What good is a security camera if you have a 10-40% chance of it not being armed because the user forgets to put it in the right setting each and everytime they leave the house.